What section of the fence do I own? Good side or Bad Side?

I have heard a strange rumor that the section of the fence that you own depends on which side of the fence faces your yard. I wanted to help clear up that rumor today to help people understand that they side of the fence is not what determines ownership, it is where the fence is located on your property that determines ownership. When you are questioning if you own a section of fencing on your yard, the question you should be answering is "Where is the fence located on my property? If the fence is located on the property line dividing your property from your neighbors property, then it is a shared piece of fencing and the upkeep and replacement of that section is shared 50/50 with that neighbor. If the section of fencing is with in your property boundary then the fencing is 100% owned by you and you alone bare the responsibility of that section of fencing.

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